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My name is Sonie, 28, originally came from the Philippines migrated to Canada. First I stepped here in Canada I was struggled to find a job, I started part-time cleaning. Then a few months later I found a job as a Cashier. I worked there for almost 2 years and a half. My salary isn't enough for my everyday expenses so I came up in my mind to find any extra income.

When I saw this business in an ad, at first glance, I did not give any attention. But when I saw it multiple times, I took the first step. I watched the workshop replay and I was amazed. I told myself "This is the business I've been looking for", I could operate it anytime anywhere. The good thing in this business is I could spend time with my mother. I am hoping my business will grow day by day so that I could give the better life for my mother that she deserves.

I'm so grateful to have this business, it's changed my life. Well, I don't have any experience in any business, but, when I'm part of this business it's like I'm a expert business owner. Because of this business, I dreamed not for myself but for my family. I don't want to spend my whole time working all day. I want to spend and more bonding time with my family.

If I can do it successfully, you can do it too. This business will help you to generate income and spend precious time together with your family. You could run your digital business 24/7. Anytime, anywhere you want. Act fast, Time is Gold. Do not waste any time, time is very important.

Best Regards,
Sonie Pascua

"Dream Big, Aim High", Beyond Your Wildest Dream.
Set Goals. Take Action. Build It.
Email Address: info@soniepmarketing.com
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Sonie Pascua